Soccer Mom: Soccer Mom is an unscripted television show that will follow a travel soccer team, the players, and their families examining the family life and competitive nature of the teams and more importantly… their lives.


Sommeliers: Sommeliers is a show aimed at the affluent audience, where an expert wine sommelier travels to a different city each week hosted by restauranteurs and their sommeliers.


Side Work: Side-work follows the adventures and misadventures of an unlikely two man team of assassins as they deal with their night job of working in a restaurant in their adopted home of New York City.


Happy Hour: Happy Hour follows its two hosts as they travel around the globe and explore the best after work Happy Hours. Each week a we visit a new watering hole where a the local business people discuss food, drink and environment while discussing the state of business in that area.

Motion Pictures

DeadworldDeadworld: (Action) Deadworld is based on the cult horror comic running since 1986 produced with Bill Mechanic and written by David Hayter. Deadworld attacks the zombie menace from a different perspective. In addition to having intelligent zombies with a goal and mission, Deadworld is also exploring the human inter-actions as mankind finds itself facing extinction.

DeadworldSword of Wood: (Action) Created by legendary comic book creator, Chuck Dixon and being produced with Scott Mednick. A crusader returns home to find his manor and holdings have been raided by an army of vampires and his wife and children carried off. Now he's on a new crusade against an army of the damned. Will he be able to save his family or have to execute them?

Dr. Deth with Kip and MuffyDr. Deth with Kip and Muffy: (Action) The brainchild of GI Joe writer and legendary comic book creator, Larry Hama, Dr. Deth with Kip and Muffy has been described as a skinny version of Charlie Brown that carries a gun.

12 Bells 12 Bells: (Thriller) A diverse group of apartment dwellers unsuspectingly become trapped in a parallel dimension of disparate doors. While most are merely acquaintances at the outset, the group is thrust into a maze of hallways and rooms only to be separated by the mystifying element of each doorway. As they struggle to reunite and find their way, they encounter a myriad of macabre and often manic beings who threaten their life with false hope and violent sadistic behavior. Caleb, an alcoholic recluse with a dark past who inhabits the same apartment building, must risk his last bit of sanity to help his fellow residents and rid himself of his own inner demons.

El ArsenalEl Arsenal: (Science Fiction) “El Arsenal” takes place in the future when the world will is on the verge of collapse, nations fight against each other for power and control, and the people will suffer from conflicts. In other works, not much has changed. Simon Masiosare is the best mercenary in the business and he has recently accepted a mission to steal cockroaches, for inside these simple bugs a powerful biological weapon is kept.

The Secret History of Tom TrueheartTom Trueheart: (Family) From the children's novels by Ian Beck produced with David Uslan and written by Mark Rosenthal. When Tom's brothers fail to return from their latest adventures in time for Tom's twelfth birthday, a letter from the Story Bureau arrives . . . addressed to Tom. Only he can venture into the Land of Stories to find out why his brothers haven't completed their missions.

Slacker GirlSlacker Girl: (Romantic Comedy) Jane Cooper is a different kind of New York woman. Charmingly unambitious in workaholic New York City, Jane believes that until corporate life was unfairly glamorized in "propaganda" films of the 1980s such as Working Girl, there were more people like her: connoisseurs of leisure. Still, a girl does have to pay the rent, so Jane finds a corporate job that supports her lifestyle. Unaware that her cute, hipster boss Ray just put his neck on the line to keep her from being fired, she and her best friend, Rebecka, take off on possibly the worst timed vacation. When Jane finds out that her commitment to slacking may be causing real world problems, she springs into action, putting even Joan Collins’s character in Dynasty to shame to save her job, her company, her friendship, and her heart. Fun, edgy, and starring an irresistible heroine, this is a story for every working girl (and slacker) who has ever wanted to step outside the corporate box.

Frozen WastelandFrozen Wasteland: (Action) In “Frozen Wasteland”, America is covered in snow. Cities that were once blessed with continual sunshine have a white blanket covering them. But the cold is the least of the population's problems. In Los Angeles rival gangs fight it out for control of what was previously known as the City of Angels. Law and order has completely collapsed and the government, stretched thin as it is by troubles elsewhere, is afraid it will lose the city. Unfortunately, back up is light, and the beleaguered military can only send four marines to turn the tide.

Tradeshow: (Comedy) Tradeshow is a comedy following two young executives, as they are sent to Las Vegas by their tyrannical boss into a no win situation. But while in the magic city, they meet more and more bizarre and fantastic characters and face stranger than ever situations, all the while stumbling through a wild weekend.

Operation: KillzoneTollbooth: (Horror) Tollbooth is a pulse-pounding thriller that centers on a family in turmoil. After moving to a new town, lonely housewife Evelyn Cawley befriends a mysterious tollbooth operator at the chagrin of her husband. When women who look like Evelyn start turning up dead at the hands of a serial killer, time is running out on the Cawley family.

SeekerChi-Chian: (Gothic Adventure) ISet in Aurelio Voltaire's fantastic 31st Century New York City, "CHI-CHIAN" is the story of a young, half-Japanese girl, who is certainly not your everyday sci-fi heroine. Living in a dark, future Manhattan (destroyed in the New York/New Jersey War and now a prefecture of Japan), Chi-Chian is a gentle soul who respects all living things. Though destined for greatness, a fact that's been kept from her by her family, Chi-Chian toils away in a dirty job and quietly suffers the scorn of her evil aunt and cousin.

But when the city she loves is threatened, she must take up arms to battle giant samurai robots, zombies, monstrous, overgrown insects and her own twisted family to protect the ones she loves. Brimming with sarcasm, tongue-in-cheek humor and a disturbingly original vision of the future, Chi-Chian is at its core a coming of age tale. It's a story of innocence lost as a young girl searches for the answer to the age old question, “Why can’t people just be nice?” In the process, she experiences first hand the darkness of the human soul and comes out the other end transformed. "

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